Who Is Say?

Q-Where are you from and what’s your age?

A- I’m Saquan C. from West Harlem 8th Ave to be exact.

Q-When did you start working on your line?

A-Well I had these plans and visions in my head all my life I’m always thinking of new things creatively and business-wise. I’ve helped a lot of my rap artist friends come up with creative ideas that they used but in the past 8-10 years, I’ve started to bring my visions to life. It all started with 12 snapback hats that are now collective items of in not mistaking FUBU started off with hats in a basement in Queens not bad footsteps to follow in.

Q- Describe your line in three words?

A- Legacy Legacy Legacy

Q-What or Who INSPIRED you to start your business?

A-What inspired me was wanting to leave a legacy and a business foundation that my future kids can learn and someday run & leave to their kids. I worked so many different jobs and was fired from most. I never want my kids to have the feeling of going on an interview selling yourself to work for someone else’s company.

Q-Since starting your business have you had any setbacks?
Name one…

A- I’ve had many setbacks from changing manufactures last minute because they work is not up to standard. Not having the capital to push the brand how I would like, business partners going to jail. But the biggest setbacks were mental. I have the utmost confidence in myself, but when things are going left you to think is all this sacrifice for nothing?

Q-How did you overcome it?

A- When things get rough mentally the way I handle it is I pray. I ask God for the strength and the guidance to see me through & I keep the faith that it will all happen in his time which always is the best timing.

Q-What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry?

A-What sets me apart for my competition or my peers is that I am constantly looking for ways to add to and diversify my business portfolio, while most of my peers stick to one field. I attended “The Fashion Institute Of Technology” and majored In “Advertising & Marketing”, I Attended “The LA Film School” majoring In “Digital Filmmaking”. I’ve taken photography courses, I’ve been a popular party promoter all more to add to and help build and diversify my business and I use it all.

Q-Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

A-In 5 years by gods grace I hope to relocate back to Atlanta and open a multimedia compound featuring Music recording studio and TV & Film Productions. Also, open a fashion boutique in a way no one has seen but I’ll keep those plans quite for now lol.

Q-What do you want people to know about your product?

A-I want people to know about my brand/product is that it comes from the heart. I’m all about the everyday people and that I take pride in what I put out to the public because I have a younger generation coming behind me looking for motivation & ways out of our neighborhoods I take pride in that.

Provide your social media and/or other contact information where people can see and/ or ask questions about your work

Instagram: who.is.say

Website : Who Is Say?

Twitter: whoissay1

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