29 Rooms

I’ve been waiting patiently for 29 Rooms to come around this year and finally! After 2 years of trying with tickets selling out extremely fast, I was able to purchase one for Atlanta. With many great reviews and super dope exhibitions that have meanings behind them. I knew I was in for a great experience and that’s exactly what I have gotten. One exhibition popup that stood out to me was “Take Action With The ACLU” it’s a nonpartisan campaign that puts a spotlight on civil rights and civil liberties for the 2020 presidential race. My favorite of all was “A Long Line Of Queendom” from the beautiful bold color and messages being portrayed from “My Hair Is Not Up For Debate” to “Ghetto Until Proven Fashionable” it screamed BLACK EXCELLENCE. If you haven’t been able to attend 29 Rooms I would definitely recommend going next year. For my outfit, I wanted to try a trend that I’ve been interested in for quite some time and that is Silk. I attended 29 rooms wearing a Leopard Print Satin Dress and Denim Jacket with a pair of Stan Smith Adidas. Girly with a little bit of casual was the look I was going for.

Satin Leopard Print Dress: Forever 21

Denim Jean Jacket: Oldnavy

Stan Smiths: Adidas

Accessories: Topshop & Marc Jacobs

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